There is no better way to understand if something fits than to try it by yourself. 

With this material you are on the right track to get your e-learning project started.

One. Introduce yourself.

On our main page you'll see "Get started" or "Sign up" buttons that take you to the registration, but you can also just hit the button below to save clicks:

Fill in your email, or sign up via social networks:

Two. Click secret link.

Go check your inbox for an email from Courselle Team. Click the "Activate" button to proceed with the registration.

Three.  Name your site.

Pick one of three plans: Instructor, Starter, Business.  If you ask us, we recommend to start with... Starter

Unlike the Instructor, it has the full functionality package, including site branding and pdf/powerpoint import.

In the line "Your domain name", make up an address for your Courselle site. For example, myproject. This means, the address of your site will be

That's it!

Hit "Finish" when ready. It will take us just a couple of moments to put together your very own Courselle site. 

Click "Get started" under the video and you will be redirected to your Courselle site. The site has all the interface and tools prebuilt, so you can get straight to the most important thing - sharing knowledge!

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