Hi there! this step-by-step guide will help you outline your first Courselle course. Just follow the instructions below. Let's begin, shall we?

  1. Open your Courselle site and click the Courses tab; 
  2. Click the green button with a + sign in the top right corner of the page;
  3. Click Create new course, see the GIF below for the reference;

4. Now type in the name of the course, upload the cover image and add course annotation and description if required. To proceed, click Save when you are done;

5. Click the big green button in the middle of the course cover to get to the course builder;

 6. Now, take a look around and find the elements menu on the left side of the dashboard;

7. Pick the first element of your course, drag and drop it on the dashboard. Let's start with a page:

8. Once you have added the page to the dashboard, open it for editing to add content to it. You create pages by adding different objects to it. 

How about a welcome message for your learners and a nice picture?

Make sure to stay within the page outline, as objects placed outside the grid may not be displayed on the page when a learner takes the course depending on the device used by the learner.

This article here will guide you through all the elements of our page editor

9. Now, let's add a lesson to explain a big topic to our learners. To do so, drag and drop the Lesson element to the dashboard and connect it with the first page as shown below: 

Add as many pages and as much material to the lesson as you need, complete it with narration as described here.

10. Sometimes we want to be sure that our learners understand everything well. That's where our Question element comes in handy. Let's add it to the course, and see what happens. 

11. Now that we are confident that our learners understand the material, let's move to the Test. 

Feel free to create as many questions as you need, don't forget about the tags. If you don't know what tags are for this great article will help you out. 

12. Once you are done with the questions, let's make sure that your test settings are what you want them to be. My teammates have created a wonderful manual on tests, feel free to refer to it when in doubt. 

13. Tests, as well as questions, have two types of transitions, make sure you lead your learners where you want them to go after they pass of fail the test. 

14. How about rewarding those who did well? Add a Certificate to your course by dragging the element to the dashboard. 

Choose from one of the default templates or contact our support team to discuss tailored solutions. 

15. Revise the created course by clicking the Preview button:

16. Only one thing left to do: publish the course by hitting the big blue button in the top right corner of the editor.

Congratulations! Your first Courselle course is up and rolling! Well done, this has surely been fun! 

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us in chat at courselle.com or leave us a message, we are one click away, just hit this button:

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