We at Courselle know how frustrating scrolling down through the list of users to find the one you need can be. That's why we incorporated a search engine that can help our users out with this.

Just go to the Team section of your Courselle site and find a magnifying glass sign in the top right corner of the page, type in the name or email address, and there you go! 

Pretty intuitive, isn't it? But that's too easy of a task, and what do you do if you need to narrow down your current scope to a certain set of users and groups that have specific parameters, e.g. assign a course only to those who lack expertise in a specific area or find all learners who joined the system during a certain period?

That's where filtering feature helps.

  1. In the list of users and groups find the drop-down menu called Filter
  2. Choose the parameter that you'd like to use for filtering, e.g. Registration date
  3. Set the desired values for the chosen parameters, e.g. pick dates to see who joined the system during the last two months
  4. Hit Apply

As the result you will get a list of users that match the chosen criteria:

By default, you can filter out the users based on their roles and registration dates, but you can add as many filter conditions as you like:

Finally, both search and filtering options are also available in group membership and course assignment dialogues which makes it easier to find a required group or subgroup as shown below...

... or to assign courses to users: 

Hope this has been helpful, if any questions arise, feel free to contact us in chat at courselle.com or leave us a message, as always, we are one click away, this black button is the way to go:

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