You need to create a separate Courselle account for every learner so that you can assign courses to them and to track their progress. You can create accounts manually, or you can send invitations to learners that will enable them to create their Courselle accounts.

To send an invitation, log in to Courselle, open the Team tab, and click Invite. Strictly speaking, all you need to send an invitation is to specify the recipient's email address (note that you can specify more than one - very handy to send out multiple invitations at once). But, don't be hasty - there is much more that you can do on this screen. Let us take a look: you can...

  • Customize your invitation with a welcome text. No need to wax poetic, but it is nice to explain what the invitation is for, and why the recipient needs to accept it.
  • Choose a group the learner will automatically be assigned to once they accept the invitation.
  • Choose a course the learner will automatically be assigned once they accept the invitation, and, optionally, set the due date.

All these features can be major time savers. Imagine that you are responsible for training new personnel, and your organization has just on-boarded twenty people. It is your responsibility to create Courselle accounts for everyone and assign to them your company's introductory course, due to be completed by the end of the week. Imagine yourself creating all of these accounts by hand, assigning the course, setting the due date... There goes an hour of your time. But if you use invitations, five minutes is plenty. Type in a short introductory text, paste the list of emails, select the introductory course, set the deadline - there you go, all done!

Here is an example of what a well-constructed invitation may look like:

Once you are satisfied with how your invitation looks, hit Create to send it on its way. Once the invitation has been sent, and until it is accepted, you can see it by opening the Team tab and clicking on Invitations. For every pending invitation, you can resend the email, grab the invitation link, or to cancel the invitation. Learners will be unable to create a Courselle account by following the link in a canceled invitation.

When a learner accepts the invitation and creates a Courselle account, you are notified via the email. A corresponding message is also displayed in the News tab.

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