To manage your learners effectively, it is important to keep track of things. Has John completed the intro course so that you can assign the next one to him? Has he even started it, for that matter? Notifications in Courselle help you stay on top of events.

Notifications are short messages sent to your email address to inform you about certain events, namely:

  • A learner starting an assignment.
  • A learner completing an assignment.
  • A learner failing to complete an assignment on time.
  • A new learner accepting your invitation.
  • A new comment being posted.
  • A reply to a comment being posted.

By default, you are notified about all the events above. However, you can enable or disable notifications for every notification category.

To enable or disable notifications, go to the Settings tab, click on Account, and scroll down to the E-mail Notifications section:

For every notification category, you can enable or disable notifications by clicking the corresponding toggle button. Click Save Changes once you are done.

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