Once you publish a course and assign it to users, you will definitely want to see how well it is going. We saw this coming, that's why we have a comprehensive course statistics report available in a few clicks.

To reach the report, open the Courses tab, click the course you want to see the statistics for, then click Statistics. You are presented with the following information:

Overall Course Statistics

This section gives you some general numbers, such as:

  • The Average Result value shows the average result among all learners who have completed the course. For example, suppose that a course is assigned to thee learners. One of them gets a 100% result, the other 50%, the third does not start the course at all. The Average Result in this scenario will be (100% + 50%) / 2, that is, 75%. The learner who has not started the course does not affect the Average Result.

The Average Result value can be used to gauge both the difficulty and the quality of a course. Consistently low Average Result value may indicate that the material is too difficult or poorly explained, or that the test questions are too hard or incorrectly constructed.

  • The Attempts Completed, Attempts in Progress, and Users Assigned values help you track how many learners the course has been assigned to, and how many of them have started and completed it.

Distribution of Users by result 

One glance at the graph and you get an idea how well your learners complete the course. Click the bars of the graph to get the detailed info, filter out the data by selecting a required time period or a required list of users. 


For every test in the course, this section displays the average result among all learners who have taken the test. Click the name of a test to expand the window and see more data:

  • N Questions shows every question in the test, and for every question it shows the best result a learner has ever received on it.
  • X/Y Users Completed shows every learner that has taken the test, and also the number of questions they answered correctly, as well as their best result on the test.

If required, you can filter out the stats by selected users or groups or by results. 

Apart from that, you can view how each particular user replied to the test questions by clicking the > button next to the Best result value:

Expert-graded and Peer-graded assesments

The sections show results of the learners per each of the assessments that they completed while taking the course, if you want to learn more about the way the assessments work, read this article


If your course contains a certificate element, this section will show you who of the users have already received their reward. 


Every question in a test can be assigned one or more tags. For every tag included in the course, this section displays the percentage of questions with this tag that were answered correctly. Click the name of a tag to expand the window and see more data:

  • The Tag Result Details value shows the percentage of questions with this tag that were answered correctly by every learner that has taken the test.

Please note that all of the sections are downloadable. Click the small arrow button in the top right corner of each section, and download it in Excel format for further processing and analysis. 

Competency profile

The section shows the users' achievements reached while taking the course, this article here will give you an idea what the competencies and achievements are, and how they can serve your project. 

As you can see, we've done a pretty good job here, but if you still have questions, do let us know in chat on our website, we'll be happy to assist. 

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