It's a wise decision to reuse questions you once created. There are several scenarios when you can benefit from question pools:

  • Make a final test that checks knowledge across several courses.
    In such case you simply pull few questions from each intermediate test and add those to the final assessment.
  • Make an updated version of existing assessment.
    When a new process, product or a product version is out you may want to do a refresher on topics that you've covered in previous courses. That's where you can copy old assessments and adjust those to suit new circumstances.
  • Slightly change assessment for another audience (e.g. add simple technical questions from technical training to sales on-boarding training).

Here is how you copy questions from existing tests:

  1. Create new test:

2. Click copy from existing tests on the question list panel or the Import icon on the left bar:

3. In the pop-up search for the title of the test that contains questions you want to copy:

4. Choose the corresponding course and test, select questions you want to add to your new test and click Copy:

You can repeat this operation as many times as you need.


You can select same question for copying several times and even copy questions from the test you are editing at the moment. Courselle will add new copies of these questions to the end of the list.


If you want to present different set of questions for different learners or even for different attempts, use these hints:

  • Create excessive amount of questions by copying and slightly modifying basic set of questions
  • Specify the number of questions to show during each attempt in test settings:For small tests with 10 questions or less there has to be 2-3 times more questions in the pool to reduce probability of cheating.For bigger tests it is sufficient to add 30-50% more questions, together with randomization it will do the trick.¬†
  • ¬†Enable Shuffle questions option
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