Surveys help you collect feedback about your courses. You can track the responses of users, either anonymously or not, see if any survey questions were skipped, and also see the responses of an individual user to all questions or, vice versa, the responses of all users to a specific question.

To add a survey, simply drag the corresponding element to the course schema:

Surveys have only one connection (default), which you can link to any other element in the course.

Authoring a survey is similar to authoring tests - simply drag and drop the questions you'd like to ask:

There are two question types unique to the Survey element:

  • Matrix question - for complex scoring:
  • Essay - for free form comments:

Obviously, there is no such thing as a "correct answer" to a survey question, but it is possible to make questions mandatory, so that the respondents will have to answer at least some questions in order to proceed further.

Here is how taking part in a survey looks for the participant:

The results of surveys can be found in Course Statistics > Surveys:

To see the detailed report, simply click the corresponding survey title:

You can also click "Show respondents" to see the answers of all users to a specific question, or click "View all answers of the respondent" to see the answers of a specific user to all questions:

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