The Messaging allows you to initiate and participate chats in different context, such as group discussion, course-wise chat room, user-to-user messaging or even create custom chat rooms:

In order to participate in discussions a user needs to have a permission of Messaging with users and groups.

This permission by default is enabled for all pre-built roles.

Messaging between users

To start a chat with a user, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Messages section
  2. Click icon to add new chat room

3. Search for a user you want to chat with: Note, that you can apply various types of filters to narrow down your search.

4. Choose all those users whom you want to chat with and hit Invite

5. Now you can chat with selected users.

At any time you can edit such discussions, manage members and leave the chat:

Course discussions

Each course member is able to participate in course discussion, which is visible for all students and teachers that have access to the course:

Group discussions

In order to participate group discussions users need to be members of corresponding groups and have permissions to view groups:

Once new users are added to the group they are able to see new messages to that group.

That's what existing members see:

That's what the new member sees:

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