Support is available and provided to all Courselle clients.

We'll be happy to hold an onboarding session for your project's admins and course authors. You can choose a time for online meeting in our app:

Points of contact from your side (project managers, admins of the system) may address a question, a request or claim an error via the following channels:

  • EMAIL directly to your dedicated account manager                                      available in manager's working hours according to personal schedule
  • LIVE CHAT with the support team at                                      available MON - FRI 3 AM - 9 PM (CEST)
  • EMAIL to the support team at
  • TICKET to the support team via "?" button in the bottom right corner of client's Courselle site.

As your project runs, your dedicated account manager is there for you if you need advice on structuring a course, organizing users or other admin inspiration:-)

Courselle is unable to support your end-users (learners) in questions regarding course contents, terms of assessment, internal workflow, deadlines and so on. However, as a project's admin, you are free to readdress any of learner's bug reports to our team anytime.

Please provide your learners with the sufficient instructions about the usage of Courselle and actual contact information of the person in your team who is responsible for providing support to end-users (learners), handling the claims that concern the contents of courses, organizing and carrying out course creation, supplying course authors with content for courses.

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