Date of update: March, 20th 2019
Blog article: Courselle Update: New Statistics, Better Editing, and Improved Performance

New features:
GIO-11802 New site-wise statistics
GIO-12120 Highlight last element of the course
GIO-12251 Add image via drag-n-drop
GIO-11239 Quick elements alignment
GIO-12360 Hotkeys for editing questions
GIO-12400 New behavior of Course Builder for better application performance on large courses

New UI design:
GIO-10745 New stats design for Surveys
GIO-12182 New stats design for Skills
GIO-12027 Uniform color picker panel
GIO-12116 New way of closing element properties

Problems fixed:
GIO-12081 Problems with text copied from external sources
GIO-12323 The order of custom attribute options does not match configuration
GIO-12385 Editor's interface glitches on large courses
GIO-12397 The count of unread messages does not get reset
GIO-12399 Fields are missing in Excel report

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