Date of update: December, 25th 2018
Blog article: Courselle Update: Better Editing, Smoother Administering, and Fresher Look

New features:
GIO-11594 Add ability to select font regardless of theme settings
GIO-10848 Add audio- and video tracks to lessons in a published course
GIO-10422 Hide layers in Page editor
GIO-11064 Unsplash image search for course covers, group covers, login screen background, etc
GIO-10106 Add ability to track skills in standalone Questions
GIO-11493 Add "Blocked" status to user filters
GIO-11449 Autocomlete for "add in group" and "assign courses" fields in user creation and invitation dialogs
GIO-10849 Simplified workflow for expert-graded assessments: attempts instead of appeals
GIO-10748 Incomplete assignments reminders  
GIO-10746 On-demand char room creation

New UI design:

GIO-11210 Redesign: New look for system notifications
GIO-11193 Redesign: Team section redesign
GIO-10744 Redesign: New look for Test statistics

GIO-11020 Disabling "Achievement" element

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