Date of update: November, 1st 2018
Blog article: Courselle: A story of the new name for Geenio LMS

New features:
GIO-651 Add ability for learners to browse completed courses content
GIO-3869 Integrated Unsplash image search into Page and Lesson editor
GIO-10449 Native look and feel for text editor for Pages and Lessons
GIO-11211 Add button "Jump to 1st element in the course"
GIO-10104 Add ability to edit published courses structure
GIO-11238 Add ability to filter lists of users by "Blocked/Active" attribute
GIO-9269 Mass removal of course assignments
GIO-11019 Mass user removal from group members

New UI design:
GIO-10919 Redesign: Create new user dialogue
GIO-10918 Redesign: Create new group dialogue
GIO-10917 Redesign: Invite new user dialogue
GIO-10375 Redesign: Custom Fields management page
GIO-9625 Redesign: Course builder navigation (stage 1)
GIO-10551 Redesign: New look for Human-graded assessments

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