Date of update: August, 23rd 2018
Blog article: Active Directory support, Survey pools, Redesign and more

New features:
GIO-10233 Authenticating users via LDAP
GIO-10323 Default test settings for all tests in site
GIO-8508 Question pool for surveys
GIO-8368 "Other" answer in surveys
GIO-9603 Redesign of Invitations list
GIO-9002 Export invitations into Excel with all attributes
GIO-10426 Add ability to set course cover via URL
GIO-3219 New design for Role management page
GIO-9008 Show roleAlias in UI and add Open API method to retrieve custom roles
GIO-10420 Redesign "Choice" questions in course player
GIO-10127 Add images as answers to "Sort" question
GIO-10126 Add images as answers to "Match" question
GIO-9491 Take individual user results into account while calculating group leaderboard stats
GIO-10498 Improve course export behavior: download the ZIP archive immediately when it's ready

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